John Robinson I have published numerous research papers and articles on a wide range of financial planning topics, including retirement income sustainability, regulatory reform, and ethical issues pertaining to the planning profession. Please take some time to browse a sampling of my writing ~ published research, op-ed pieces, client communications and other articles.

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J.R. Robinson

Professional Papers

DateSourceTitleOriginal ArticlePDF
2011Journal of Wealth ManagementAre Lifecycle Funds Getting a Bum Rap?Institutional Investors JournalsDownload
2011Journal of Financial PlanningPlanning For the Worst - Incorporating Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Planning into Mainstream Financial PlanningJournal of Financial PlanningDownload
2009Financial Services ReviewReality Check - The implications of applying sustainable withdrawal analysis to real world portfoliosFinancial Services ReviewDownload
2008Journal of Financial PlanningA Context for Considering Variable Annuities
Journal of Financial PlanningDownload
2007Journal of Financial PlanningWho's the Fairest of Them All? A Comparative Analysis of Financial Advisor Compensation ModelsJournal of Financial PlanningDownload
2004Journal of Financial PlanningShare Class Warfare: A Counter Perspective on the Legitimacy of 12b-1 Fees as
They Apply to Advisor-Distributed Share Classes
Journal of Financial PlanningDownload

Op-Ed Pieces

DateSourceTitleOriginal ArticlePDF
2010Advisor PerspectivesThe SEC’s 12b-1 Reform Proposal is Based Upon Misguided History, Flawed EconomicsAdvisor PerspectivesDownload
2009Advisor PerspectivesResponse to “A Safer 4% Withdrawal Strategy”Advisor PerspectivesDownload
2008Advisor PerspectivesThe ZAG Study – Questioning the Objectivity of Industry Funded Academic ResearchAdvisor PerspectivesDownload
2008Advisor PerspectivesIn Defense of “Faux Planners”Advisor PerspectivesDownload
2007Financial Planning MagazineFinancial Planning Magazine – 12b-1 Fee ReformFinancial Planning MagazineDownload

Client Communications

DateSourceTitleOriginal ArticlePDF
2012Robinson ReportThrough the Looking GlassRobinson ReportRobinson Report
2012Robinson ReportHow to Build a Respectable ArkRobinson ReportRobinson Report

Flat Fee Financial Planning Blog

DateSourceTitleOriginal ArticlePDF
2012Flat Fee Financial Planning BlogWall Street is Not Your FriendFlat Fee Financial PlanningN/A
2012Flat Fee Financial Planning BlogApp Review: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of Mint.comFlat Fee Financial PlanningN/A
2012Flat Fee Financial Planning BlogButchering ShakespeareFlat Fee Financial PlanningN/A
2011Flat Fee Financial Planning BlogBook Review: Boomerang: Travels in the New Third World - A (Scary) Book ReviewFlat Fee Financial PlanningN/A

Other Published Articles and Writings

DateSourceTitleOriginal ArticlePDF
2011Star AdvertiserOahu’s beautiful architectural legacy disappearing one home at a timeStar AdvertiserDownload
2011Financial Advisers of AmericaTales from the Dark SideFinancial Advisers of AmericaN/A
2011Financial Advisers of AmericaIndependent ThinkingFinancial Advisers of AmericaN/A

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