The Face that Launched a Thousand Research Papers

July 2, 2013

Last week, Investment News honored mild-mannered California Financial Planner, William Bengen, as one of the most influential financial advisors of the past quarter century. I could not agree more with this nomination. Bengen’s landmark 1994 Journal of Financial Planning paper, Determining Withdrawal Rates Using Historical Data is most famous for introducing the “4% rule” (a.k.a.“SAFEMAX”), […]

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The Guru is in – Nest Egg Guru goes Live!!!

July 1, 2013

It gives me great pleasure to announce that the first prototype of the retirement planning application I have been developing for the past year is finally “live” and available for FPH clients to use and test. Nest Egg Guru consists of  two unique programs designed to answer two of the most common and important planning […]

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Hot Tip – Identity Protection Through Your Local Bank or Credit Union

June 26, 2013

In previous client communications I have encouraged clients to monitor their credit and account transactions activity carefully to ward against fraudulent purchases and ID theft.  Beyond simply requesting  copy of one’s free annual credit report from, I also suggest FPH clients consider subscribing to some type of credit monitoring service.  Many banks and credit […]

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The Guru is Not Yet In

June 12, 2013

Last month, the programmers who are helping me develop Nest Egg Guru unveiled the beta site.  While the look and feel of the “How much will I have?” and “How long will it last?” retirement planning calculators is exactly what I had envisioned, my initial excitement was tempered after discovering a number of “bugs” that […]

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Rising Tide…

June 4, 2013

Last Friday (5/31), the 10-year treasury note yield rose from 1.63% to 2.16%.  Make no mistake, a single day rise of more than .5% is big news – much bigger, in fact, than the related 200-point downward blip in the stock market.  After a nearly 30-year secular trend of declining interest rates and several years […]

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Peer-to-Peer Lending

April 25, 2013

Over the past several weeks, I have received a handful of inquiries from clients seeking my opinion on “peer-to-peer” lending. Most of the inquiries came on the heels of a CBS news segment featuring The Lending Club. The Lending Club is arguably the best known and most successful of a number of companies that have […]

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Broken Clock Alarmists or Prematurely Prescient?

March 27, 2013

Revisiting Meredith Whitney’s and Michael Lewis’ Debt Crisis Prognostications By John H. Robinson, Financial Planning Hawaii In 2010, Meredith Whitney, the bank research analyst who rose to fame a few years earlier for being among the first to recognize that the global financial system was little more than a house of cards, appeared on 60 […]

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OP-ED : Time to Bail on Stocks?

March 21, 2013

By John H. Robinson, Financial Planning Hawaii Over the past few months, I have fielded at least a dozen calls from fearful investors seeking guidance on whether they should begin selling now that the U.S. stock market is trading at its all-time high. To the surprise of some, my response has been that the fact […]

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Leading by (Bad) Example

January 4, 2013

Editorial Commentary on the Fiscal Cliff Legislation The one thing more frustrating to a parent than watching his kid scramble to begin a project that was assigned weeks earlier and is due tomorrow, is seeing him rewarded for his slothfulness and irresponsibility by receiving an A. The experience is especially infuriating if you lectured him […]

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A Healthcare Odyssey

September 25, 2012

Individual High Deductible Health Plan – A Healthcare Odyssey In Homer’s classic, The Odyssey, the tale’s protagonist, Ulysses, spends the better part of his tormented life battling an endless onslaught of treacherous seas and terrifying monsters in his quest to get back home after the Trojan War. Over the past nine months I have embarked […]

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